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4 steps choosing the right intimate boudoir photographer for you! - Johny Love Erotic Budoir Photo & Video

4 steps choosing the right intimate boudoir photographer for you!

I know that these days there is a lot of choice when looking for an professional boudoir photographer, There are many good shooters and unfortunately many fakes and shady posers prevail like GWC’s (Guys With Camera). So how do you make the right choice & find a quality through all the noise out there?

Step one. Look through the photography portfolio and image galleries online of different erotic photographers or even on Google images to see what you like and then find a shooter that has great work, the kind you want to have for yourself. This step is the most obvious but sometimes tricky because some people out there steal pictures and take credit for others work. You know what I mean; agencies and some ladies do that also stealing other ladies images. Step two will ensure that what you are seeing is what you are really going to get.

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Step two. Check for references! Who has the photographer worked with that you may know personally or at least know of that can vouch for them? A testimonial page like this one really helps clear up any doubts. When other people in the industry have written reviews or testimonials and are sharing their identity and link attached to it, you know it’s legit. Sometimes fakers just put up a quote and sign it a random name and say ‘hey its my proof’, but is it really? Has the other party verified your testimonial with a link back? You can also contact others who have worked with the photographer and ask about their experience this is a sure fire way to know what you’re getting.

Step three. Once you are satisfied that the photographer you are researching is great and legitimate, send them an email or better yet, call them. Get a feel for who they are and how they interact with people. Some are very personable and nice to deal with while others are not. I think great service is very important and being easy going, accommodating and going the extra mile for clients is key to providing excellent service. We all want to work with people we like and trust and most of the time you can tell what kind of person you are dealing with once you start interacting.

Now on to step four. Price versus value. Sometimes we go for the low price only to have it end up being more expensive in the end. It sucks to go through all the effort and time expenditure and end up being disappointed with the final product. Now you are back to square one. Either taking poor quality work and having it salvaged by a professional at an added expense or redo the whole photo session at which point you pay more money and spend even more time and everything gets delayed.

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We live in a fast paced world and our industry moves at an even faster pace. The old adage “you get what you pay for” is still true today. You are better off doing your due diligence. Using the steps outlined above research the photographers out there and find someone you like and trust and pay them what they are worth. Rather then work with the cheap guys who will end up disappointing you or worse use your images against you or sell them online or worse.

Its better to buy a small house in a great neighborhood then a big house in a ghetto. Start with a smaller package and upgrade if you like the results. You can always negotiate with a photographer if their rates are more then you can afford. For example, I offer my clients payment options, or even discounts for cross promotion, and bulk rates for booking on an ongoing basis with discounted rates throughout the year. Get what you deserve, do your research and get quality and security.