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3 Trade Secrets to Creating the Hottest Intimate Erotic Videos - Johny Love Erotic Budoir Photo & Video

3 Trade Secrets to Creating the Hottest Intimate Erotic Videos

Erotic boudoir videos are an incredible promotional tool and a complement to your website. It is evident by the growing use of it online and the number of views they generate by potential clients. But most of us are not comfortable in front of the camera especially when we need to act and move, so how do you get amazing results from your boudoir videos?

We have 10 years of experience creating professional erotic videos for clients in many industries and I will share with you three trade secrets to give you an edge in creating your next intimate erotic video. These most important elements to making a great impression in boudoir videos are surprisingly simple, they are not easy but they are simple. You can breath a sigh relief on go with me on this journey.

Erotic Videography -Trade Secret #1

Be the real you and not ‘the ideal you’. The more you try to act and to pose the more rigid and contrived it looks. Its like the difference in the acting for the stage where everything is louder and more exaggerated and acting for the screen where it is more subtle and internal. Method acting. 
So how do I pull this ‘method acting’ off? You may ask.

Here are some things to think about. Once you know what the scene is that you are shooting get out of your head and into your body. Be the person in the scene rather than an actor playing the person in the scene. If it’s a scene where you are getting ready for a date then really get ready for a date. The way you would do it if you were alone. 
Put on some music, go pick your clothes, look in the mirror, get your make up, do everything naturally the way you would do it for real and don’t think about the camera and what they see. The director/ erotic videographer will give you technical directions like position, movement and eye line and you can focus on your action and be present to your scene.

Intimate Video -Trade Secret #2

Its your first time ever and you can’t get out of your head, your uncomfortable and self conscious, nothing is going right. Ok, this trade secret is a little unorthodox but it works, if you follow it precisely 😉
Have a drink. Yes some alcohol will do the trick but this is the important part here. It is imperative that you have 1-2 drinks max. Just enough to take the edge off. You want to make sure you are in control of yourself and you actions. This remedy works perfectly 9 out of ten times. Your erotic video director should be able to create a soothing environment and comfortably direct you so that you get more relaxed and flow into character. Do not smoke (marijuana) before or during your shoot unless you are a pro and you have control of it because most of the time it has the opposite affect and make you more self-conscious.

Erotic Videography- Trade secret #3

Have fun. It’s your intimate video, you are the boss. You have hired a director/ erotic videographer to bring to life your likeness on video and you trust them to do their part so that you can focus on having fun and being a fleshy prop. Be the talent, the princess for the day. Put on your favorite music in the background, laugh, dance encourage yourself and your crew to have fun and make it an environment of success rather than being stiff, worried and a grind. It will show in your video and will also determine your desire or resistance to doing your video next time.
This is again where a great professional videographer can be instrumental in creating the ‘vibe’ but if they are not you can lead the way. After all you are the show that day and it’s your video anyway!

I have worked in the film/ commercial video industry for over 10 years and had the privilege of working with pop stars, supermodels and Hollywood actors and many hundreds of professionals creating videos for their business and promotion and that’s my two cents.

To summarize how to have a great erotic boudoir video experience.

Erotic Video Trade Secret #1 you need to be present in your body and environment and out of your head. 
#2 If you are too tense have a drink, just enough to take the edge off.
#3 Have fun, its your day its your video make it a good experience. I hope this helps as I have shared with you from experience what has worked for my clients. Take care and best of luck on your journey.
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