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Photography - Johny Love Erotic Budoir Photo & Video
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How it Works
Pre booking your Boudoir PhotoShoot

If you are not sure what package to get you can still choose the package after seeing the pictures. But the Boudoir photography Gold Package is a safe bet. (it is my bestseller after all)


It’s nice to have the control of what you want. And remember not all of the images are rated R, some are PG and others you can show your mom. There will be some artsy ones in there too.

Picking pictures from your erotic photo session

Here is the tricky part you have to choose some with a guys perspective in mind. Yes, that one with the butt- or the boob- or your finger in the mouth. Those ones.


So no matter how picky or how much you do not like your picture taken- someone is waiting to see those pictures and you have to choose those too.

Retouching your intimate erotic photography

The lighting helps, the pose and the lens, I am just going over little things. My philosophy is that guys don’t really pay that much attention to all the bumps, lumps and marks we care about. They are just happy to see you naked. I don’t think they even know what thigh gap is. So this “enhanced” version of you is just how they see you and how you should feel about yourself.


Women are often too hard on themselves, dissecting every little flaw, but I say we should not aim for the photoshop skinny, we should just aim to be healthy.

Some useful things to think about.

What about....
Shoes for your boudoir photo shoot

“Buy a new pair and return the pair the next week.” You really are not walking anywhere except from one corner to the bed. This is done a lot for styling photo shoots and movies.


The trick is to use the non-stick painters tape if you are going to practice your walking. If you are just lying down for photos then you do not have to worry about it.

Toys and Other Things

Have special toys you want to use during your erotic fetish photoshoot? Bring it on. If you like we can even bring our master ropes man to tie you up every way from Sunday.


Performing Shibari, the Japanese Rope Bondage  of If you have your own special needs and desires feel free to drop us a line we look forward to working with you on a customized erotic photography, fetish, or intimate couples video experience!

We care about your privacy.

Privacy Guarantee

We guarantee your absolute privacy and we will never show, use or sell your erotic images or boudoir videos without your permission. We even have the “It never happened” option that we sign a non-disclosure agreement and wipe our digital files once you get yours. You can rest assured you are getting unmatched service and quality with us and its always a special experience where you are treated like the goddess that you are.

Explore our prebuilt packages or reach out and we'll design one just for you.

Johny Love Photography Packages
Starting from $697



1 Hr Photo Shoot

5 Retouched Images

2 Setups / Outfits

On Location

Travel to GTA Location Included

Up to 50 enhanced / stylized images includes



Up to 2 Hrs Photo Shoot

2 Setups / Outfits

10 Retouched Images

On Location

Travel to GTA Location Included

Up to 100 Enhanced / Stylized Images Included



Up to 4 hrs Photo Shoot

Unlimited Setups / Outfits

20 Retouched Images

Hotel Location or Studio Included

Travel to GTA Location Included

Up to 250 Enhanced / Stylized Images Included